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The Zone Reclamation Project

Yes, it is possible to play the unmodded game and never encounter the permanent radiation bug or broken doors. You might never have a show-stopping crash to desktop (CTD) or take on a quest that cannot be finished. But the odds do not favor you; the more you stay in the Zone, the more likely these vanilla issues will occur even in the patched game.

Based on bardak's excellent Patch 1.0004 bug fix attempt, the ZRP bug-fix patch-mod is a community effort to fix bugs and address some annoyances found in the vanilla (unmodded) version of GSC Gameworld's game "S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl" while retaining vanilla gameplay.

It also has a host of configurable items so that you can tailor your game experience to your liking. You can make the patch-mod even more vanilla by restoring some of the buggy or annoying vanilla behavior and disabling ZRP feature enhancements like the ability to continue playing after the game's story line ends.

Requirements: - "S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl" installed and patched to 1.0004, 1.0005 or 1.0006. You do not need to start a new game, although some fixes and features will not be available unless you do.

Compatibility: Many simple mods can be easily merged with the ZRP. You can use any all.spawn that comes with the other mod, although you might lose some bug fixes and features. If you are using the Smart Mod Manager by Don Reba, you should give priority to the other mod(s) for version 1.05, and to ZRP for 1.07. The ZRP has worked with:

  • Graphics mods
  • Skin and texture mods
  • Sound mods like Darius6's Sound Overhaul, {imperialreign}'s Ambient Audio Overhaul
  • Most trader repair mods (with care in installation) -- but you can enable the built-in repair guys with a click
  • Weapons and ammo mods
  • Weather mods, like Stalker Skies, nandersen's Dynamic Weather and trojanuch's S.W.O.

Please note that the ZRP has a lot of optional mini-mods already included. See below.

The mod has English (1.05 also has Italian) localization, but it should work with other languages. There are a few "large" mods that have incorporated parts of the ZRP (e.g., DC- and gannebamm's aliVe 1.6), used earlier versions (Stoll's STALKER Mod Compilation uses 1.05 R10, artistpavel's STALKER Complete 2009 uses 1.05 R11) or are planning to use it in future releases. (You should encourage your modder to use bardak's bfa or the ZRP as a base for their mods.)

Can your mod do this? The ZRP has been crafted for fixes and flexibility. You can enable/disable features without having to start a new game.

  • It works with official patch versions 1.0004, 1.0005 and 1.0006 even if you upgrade.
  • It can use existing vanilla saves; no need to start a new game.
  • It can repair problems in most existing vanilla saves.
  • It can work around problems in all existing vanilla games.
  • It loads saves faster than vanilla.
  • It generally increases frame rates versus vanilla for comparable settings.
  • It permits you to start anywhere, anywhen in the story line.
  • It adds the ability to continue playing after the normal game ending.
Partial list of bugs fixed as of 1.07 R3:
  • Almost all fixable game "crash to desktop" exits are fixed.
  • The Pripyat stadium cutscene no longer transfers you to the NPP level.
  • Almost all broken quests are fixed. (Kruglov's merc attackers may need attention if any live.)
  • Map hints no longer "stick".
  • PDA map info is more accurate, useful and complete.
  • The permanent radiation bug is cured after save/reload.
  • Your reputation doesn't swing wildly between terrible and excellent.
  • Case/crate spawns aren't delayed and don't fall through the floor.
  • Fanatic's rookie group now acts the way it is supposed to.
  • Stalkers no longer spawn dead in campfires.
  • Misleading English text has been corrected.

See the Bugs In STALKER list for more complete info.

Some of the annoyances addressed:

  • The bar blabbermouths are less blabby in 1.07, and can be silenced.
  • Kruglov/Semenov no longer block the Yantar bunker door.
  • The Dark Valley scam only happens once.
  • Skull's men don't gloat over the bodies more than once.
  • There are fewer autoquests, and some don't require returning for reward.
  • Helicopter noises in Dark Valley and Yantar no longer stick around.
  • Pripyat "over the top" background battle sounds can be silenced if desired.
  • It is easier to select some menu items.
  • There can be less need for scrolling in inventory and search screens. (optional)
  • There can be less mouse movement required in the game. (optional)

A few of the standard ZRP features:

  • You can complete the Strelok quest.
  • You can make level named saves and level quick saves with two keystrokes (Esc S, Esc 5/6).
  • You can press the Esc key to skip CGI cutscenes.
  • New level changers are added as you play.
  • Respawn Population Management (RPM) smooths out those spawn replacements.
  • NPC Chatter Control (NCC) reduces the frequency of those phrases we love to hate.
  • Smart Autosaves preserves autosaves for each level.

You can configure your game easily with the Modifier program (optional; see docs for manual configuration).

Many customizable features:

  • Skip unwanted side quests.
  • Change quest time limits without having to change files.
  • Configure respawns for more or less mutants and NPCs.
  • Turn off head-bobbing or simply reduce it.
  • See suit stats before you buy, keep unique weapons from deteriorating.
  • Tweak actor parameters - carry weight, view height, vulnerability, endurance, etc.
  • Use a pseudo-hotkey (defaults to Esc F1) for antirad.
  • Adjust PDA/trade/search/inventory screens to improve ergonomics.
  • Intra-level jump for fast travel across levels.
  • Carry explosives.
  • Quickly add/configure/disable/re-enable the most popular mini-mods.
  • Start anywhere. The Zone Is Open.
  • The TZIO feature includes Free Play and comes with TSL16b's front-end dialog.

Optional mini-mods included:

  • onionradish's Show Reward Mini Mod v1.03
  • Raw's Wide-Screen Inventory support
  • SiriusStarr's GP37 Grenade Launcher addon support

Not default:

  • Sleeping bag option (Speed/Ab@dDon/fatrap/NatVac)
  • Decane's Quest Overhaul with NatVac tweaks
  • EggChen's Firelight
  • IG2007's Dunin Ammo Aggregation
  • Ivantsov (Duty) and/or Screw (Freedom) Repair
  • MrSeyker's Freedom vs. Duty
  • MrSeyker's Real Gun Names
  • NatVac's Artifact Swap
  • NatVac's The MonoMartyrs Seek Revenge
  • PiIsARational's Paddywak No Head-Bobbing
  • Red75's Stalkers Are Not Blind
  • Rulix AI options
  • xStream's AIPack, Grenadier (ZaGaR tweak)

Modding support: There are extensive debugging abilities.
  • Enable ZRP Support Utilities (ZSU) and install the scripts you want:
    • Lua Command Line - Examine/change variables, execute functions in-game
    • Variable Watch - Show variables/function results on HUD as they change
    • Spawn stuff, even an invulnerability artifact
    • Manage faction relationships, even repair Bar enmity
    • Repair broken doors in the Cordon, Dark Valley and other levels, or remove them
    • Set/Reset info_portions to tweak game progress
    • Mark NPCs, items, spawn locations, etc.
    • Add your own extensions - docs included
  • Teleport through doors, walls, on top of buildings, to unsearched bodies or wounded
  • View position coordinates, record them in log, return to them via keystroke sequence
  • Speed up and slow down game time
  • Macro support - execute your custom functions with a couple of keystrokes
  • Clean up loose weapons, grab remote objects, bump bodies out of the ground, etc., etc.

For additional details, see the readme linked on the Downloads page and follow the "ZRP - A joint effort in fixing S.T.A.L.K.E.R." thread at the GSC website.

Last page update: December 12, 2012
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