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For SoC patched to 1.0004, 1.0005 or 1.0006
Zone Reclamation Project 1.07 R5 RC

Zone Reclamation Project 1.07 R4

Zone Reclamation Project 1.05 Test R10

For 1.0001/1.0003
Older-Patch Stuff

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Mods -- Download Notes

The Zone Reclamation Project is an ongoing community-supported bug fix mod for the game "S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl" by GSC GameWorld, based on bardak's bug fix attempt for 1.0004. There are several versions available. All versions work with patches 1.0004, 1.0005 and 1.0006.

Despite the fixes, you can still have crashes. See Crashes Still in the Patched Game to resolve them. For general setup issues (especially for the Steam version) see the Troubleshooting FAQ. For details of which bugs are fixed in the different versions, see Bugs in STALKER.

ZRP 1.07 R5 RC is a release candidate for the newest ZRP. While very "vanilla", the ZRP patch-mod includes a lot of flexible options and mini-mods (almost all are optional, most are not default). New game highly recommended but not required if you were playing pure vanilla or pure ZRP. ZRP 1.07 even adds free play to vanilla saves. New fixes and features since R4:

  • Better compatibility with patch 1.0006 (NatVac, bamah)
  • Better UI support, especially for widescreen. (MrSeyker, NatVac)
  • All underground task/secret markers visible (NatVac)
  • Improved stealth across saves "a tiny bit" (NatVac)
  • Better string management, more optimized script processing (NatVac)
  • Many, MANY more bug fixes (NatVac, MrSeyker, castl et alia -- see ReadMe.txt and docs)
  • More configuration choices (MrSeyker, NatVac)
Fixes and features in ZRP 1.07 R5 inherited from R4:

  • New camp manager cures Zone fugue (NatVac)
  • Ambient music after midnight, now optional (NatVac)
  • Psi emission effects properly maintained across saves (NatVac)
  • More Modifier entries, new FPS config (NatVac, MrSeyker)
  • Improvements to real gun names, text formatting (MrSeyker, NatVac)
  • Even more bug fixes and tweaks (NatVac, castl, ZaGaR et alia -- see ReadMe.txt and docs)
Fixes and features in ZRP 1.07 R4 inherited from R3:

  • Level-unique autosaves (NatVac)
  • Updated respawn management (RPM 1.1) (NatVac)
  • Over 120 Modifier entries, including a Vanilla config (NatVac)
  • xStream's AIPack, Grenadier (ZaGaR tweak), Rulix AI options
  • Freedom, Duty membership options (MrSeyker)
  • Sleeping bag option (Speed/Ab@dDon/fatrap/NatVac)
  • Macros, more debugging and repair support -- fix those broken doors! (NatVac)
  • Still more bug fixes (NatVac, Lijenstina et alia)
Fixes and features in ZRP 1.07 R4/R3 inherited from XR2:

  • No more sticky location markers (Mr. Fusion)
  • Improved task/level-changer marker management (Mr. Fusion, NatVac)
  • Permanent radiation bug cured with save/reload (NatVac)
  • New level changers added as you go (NatVac)
  • Improved respawn management (RPM) (NatVac)
  • New NPC chatter control (NatVac)
  • Cases/crates have improved item spawning characteristics (NatVac)
  • Drop-a-medkit to heal the walking wounded or the otherwise unhealable (NatVac)
  • Both Screw (Freedom) and Ivantsov (Duty) can repair stuff (not default)
  • New level-based Quick save using Esc, F5 or Esc, F6 (NatVac)
  • ZRP Support Utilities for spawning/troubleshooting (NatVac)
  • Debug support greatly enhanced (NatVac)
  • Updated Modifier with twice as many options, config files moved to modcfg\
  • Many more bugs squashed (various contributors; see mod's change notes)
  • Includes all the fixes/features of ZRP 1.05 Test R10 and subsequent updates (see below)
1.1 MD5 checksum: 2ab57039f41112537b0cd8b3bb757b2d *Modifier.exe

Date Size Download (7-Zip*) Details
2015/04/08 6.1 MB ZRP_1.07_R5RC.7z (May be temporarily unavailable due to traffic) ReadMe.txt (Abridged web version - Install instructions)
2014/05/04 6.1 MB ZRP_1.07_R5EE.7z (The Early Experience version of 1.07 R5) Still available for a short time.
2013/04/10 5.7 MB ZRP_1.07_R4.7z Still available for a very short time.
    Suggested Add-ons ZRP 1.07 Add-on Details
2012/05/01 265 KB SoC Script Fixes 1.0 See below.
2012/05/01 299 KB SoC Sound Fixes 1.0 See below.

The MonoMartyrs Seek Revenge/Artifact Swap demo is no longer available separately because the same mini-mods are included as options in the latest ZRP 1.07 release. Just enable them for use in that patch-mod if desired.

ZRP 1.05 Test R10 was the workhorse of the STALKER SoC bug-fix patch-mods for more than two years prior to ZRP XR2, with lots of bug fixes, workarounds and mod support. Features include:

  • The Zone Is Open. Start anywhere, anywhen. Yes, this even means Free Play. Think about it. (NatVac, with dialog and chapter images by TSL16b)
  • Decane's Quest Overhaul (Lite version, optional)
  • EggChen's Firelight (optional)
  • IG2007's Dunin ammo aggregator (default on)
  • Raw's wide screen inventory fix
  • Red75's Stalkers Are Not Blind 0.99 anomaly evasion mod (not default)
  • Customizable intra-level jump capability (NatVac)
  • Screw Repair Mod (NatVac) (not default)
  • Antirad hotkey pair via Esc F1 (NatVac)
  • Quick named save via Esc S (NatVac)
  • Trade/search screen choices to reduce scrolling (NatVac, fitzroy_doll)
  • Smarter side quest and autoquest management (NatVac)
  • Modifier.exe (optional configuration program by NatVac) now supports checkboxes
  • Lots of Modifier options, including real gun names, suit stats (various contributors)
1.1 alpha r2 MD5 checksum: c50599c35b53cdb6bc4436238c62288d *Modifier.exe

Date Size Download Details
2008/05/05 2.4 MB ZRP 1.05 Test R10 See above, and the archive's docs.
    Suggested Add-ons ZRP 1.05 Test R10 Add-on Details
2012/05/01 265 KB SoC Script Fixes 1.0 See below.
2012/05/01 299 KB SoC Sound Fixes 1.0 See below.
2012/03/11 356 KB ZRP Icon Equipment image file See below.
2010/08/02 39 KB Respawn Population Management See below.
2009/04/29 1.26 MB ZRP 1.05 R11 all.spawn (RC3) Addresses the dogs of Fox problem and the loose Shaggy prisoner problem, plus a rare vanilla waypoint crash. Includes the NPP Free Play support (next item). Requires new game.
2008/12/16 7 KB ZRP Enable NPP Free Play Permits the casual exploration of the NPP outdoor levels by removing the timer and ground radiation after you enter the free play mode.
2008/12/04 352 KB Rostok minimap fix See below.
2008/10/01 200 KB EggChen's Fire Tweak See below.

Non-ZRP-Specific Mini-Mods

The following mods do not require any version of the ZRP to work with STALKER SoC. Other than the SoC Sound Fixes file, they are already included in the latest ZRP 1.07 release.

May 1, 2012  --  SoC Sound Fixes 1.0 (299 KB) corrects those clicks/pops in the boar's death cry, the pseudodog's whine, and the opening of door lockers. It also removes the repeated section of Ghost's PDA recording. Drag-drop install; no fsgame.ltx edit needed. The archive requires 7-Zip or a compatible file extractor.

March 11, 2012  --  A vanilla replacement ZRP Icon Equipment image file 1.1 (356 KB) provides support for four different mini-mods at once: the ABC Sleeping Bag mod, Decane's Quest Overhaul mod, Save's Carry Mod, and NatVac's Artifact Swap mini-mod. Note that this is not for use with big mods or specialty gun mods, which have their own version. This updated version requires 7-Zip or a compatible file extractor.

August 2, 2010  --  Respawn Population Management 1.0 by NatVac (39 KB) adds persistence to save games and some respawn delay randomization to help spread out the replacement respawns of Alife in the game. Works with patches 1.0001 through 1.0006 to fix a vanilla bug. New game not required, but please make a named save before installing as this changes future saves. ZRP not required, but a Modifier configuration file is included.

December 4, 2008  --  A replacement Rostok image file and config file pair (352 KB) fixes the Rostok minimap when near the level changer to the Bar as well as tweaking the appearance of the locations and size of the underground levels in your PDA. This fix does not require the ZRP and you don't have to start a new game.

October 1, 2008  --  You can try EggChen's Fire Tweak particle effects file (200 KB) to see if it reduces lag when looking at campfires or teleport effects. This replaces the vanilla version -- do not use this if you are already using EggChen's Particle Enhancement mod.

For modders and serious tweakers: The Shadow of Chernobyl Patcher/Unpacker/Packer (SoCPUP) is a subset of bardak's X-ray asset converter toolset, specifically the database unpacker and packer portion, adapted by NatVac with support for batch files and extended to include a rudimentary file patcher. Meant to be run in a DOS command prompt shell or in batch files, SoCPUP can be used to extract files from the gamedata database archives (gamedata.dbn) for use in mods and bug fixes. Source included.

Functions and features:

  • Extract individual files, subdirectories or entire archives
  • File patcher permits automated tweaking of STALKER resources
  • Support for use with batch files, with OK, ACCEPTABLE and FAILURE return codes
  • Read-only mode for testing of batch files or viewing archive contents
  • Includes _PripyatLevelFix.bat which eliminates those ghost garages
  • Packer for building custom .dbn and .xdbn archives, or updating originals
  • Use to disassemble, clean up and reassemble archives (see ShoC_Treatment)
  • Detailed manual
  • Source includes makefiles for building with MinGW
1.0 MD5 checksum: 351a49daffa4d94b45580d9d3610b381 *SoCPUP.exe

Date Size Download (7-Zip*) Details
2012/01/12 120 KB SoCPUP_1.0.7z See above.
2012/01/18 267 KB ShoC_Treatment_1.0.7z Half of STALKER SoC's scripts are not used by the game, but many are still processed and occupy memory during gameplay. ShoC_Treatment is a set of instructions and replacement script files compiled by NatVac intended to improve game performance after installation via SocPUP. You will need to do a bit of directory moving in this 1.0 release.
2012/05/01 265 KB SoC_ScriptFixes_1.0.7z This is the drag-drop installation version of the ShoC_Treatment script set, pre-packed for North American/Worldwide versions of SoC patched to 1.0004 or later. (CIS users can extract the files from the gamedata.dbb_scripts archive and repack for their own setup.) This should work with any mod as well as improve vanilla operation. No need for fsgame.ltx changes.
2013/04/08 2 KB SEVA_SuitTextureFix.7z This patchfile can extract and patch the SEVA suit to correct wrong texturing when viewed in third-person. Based on a fix by MrSeyker. For use with SoCPUP.

For sound modders: The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Sound Attribute Viewer and Tweaker (SAVandT) by NatVac is a simple program that can reduce the work needed to view and/or edit STALKER sound file attributes used by all three STALKER games to determine initial volume, volume drop-off, and sensitivity of NPCs to the sounds.

Features include:

  • Easy viewing of STALKER sound file attributes and other sound info
  • Quick editing of attributes, with automatic CRC-32 checksum generation
  • Automatic insertion of attribute structure in standard .ogg files
    (eliminates "Missing ogg-comment" and "Invalid ogg-comment version" errors)
  • Small executable needs no installer
  • No messy hex-editing, no SDK, no separate checksum fix-ups needed
  • Included help file accessible from within the program
  • This and a good sound editor are all you need to make custom game sounds
1.0 MD5 checksum: cb1d266232703c3168f557676192178e *SAVandT.exe
1.1 MD5 checksum: 18b3f6e78cf2ef809b2e2996f096cbe3 *SAVandT.exe

Date Size Download (7-Zip*) Details
2011/08/17 152 KB SAVandT_1.0_110817.7z Version 1.0. See above. There's some discussion in this thread at the GSC forum.
2012/06/28 153 KB SAVandT_1.1.7z Version 1.1 also permits directly sending a valid Ogg sound file to your registered player.

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*7-Zip or compatible file extractor needed.

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